Enrollment Procedures

My facility is open to any child who will benefit from the program. The child must be from ages 0 - 12 years old.

Parents must complete all registration forms for each child. All forms are subject to a yearly renewal and must be kept up to date.

Before the child’s first day all forms must be completed and returned to me and the registration fee of $60.00 paid.

The medical forms must be completed and signed by a doctor. They must include an up to date immunization record. We are required by law to have proof of these medical forms by the child’s enrollment date or within 30 days.

Trial Enrollment Period- children are enrolled on a two week trial basis, during which either party may cancel with a two week notice. Throughout this period the provider and parents will discuss how the child is adjusting. If care is to begin at a later date an advanced payment is due to hold a place for your child. Payment will not be refunded if your child does not start on the date agreed.

Childcare Handbook

Drop In Contact

Full time Contract

Child's Health and Emergency Information

Immunization History

Child's Medical Report

Permission to Transport

Discipline Policy

Written Care Of Plan

Documentation of receipt by parent of summary of child care law

Incidents Report

Infant Feeding Schedule 

Permission to Administer Medication